High levels of resident satisfaction have been reported in the council residents’ survey which exceed the most recent Local Government Association’s national satisfaction levels.

The high level results, of the externally commissioned survey, have just been released and show that in six core questions for LGA benchmarking, satisfaction levels exceed the most recent LGA national data in every case.

The results from DJS Research show that satisfaction with: local area, how the council runs everything, feeling informed, trust in the council, responsiveness of the council and perceived value for money is all higher than the LGA national satisfaction levels.

Many residents felt that parks and open spaces were the aspect about their local area they most enjoyed. As well as the scenic background, easy access to town and the amenities and services that are provided.

However, residents did feel that the areas which could be most improved is roads and road maintenance as well as policing and safety. Nevertheless, this year over £4 million will be invested by the LEP to help improve the Maidenhead town centre road network and railway station.

Councillor Simon Dudley, leader of the council says: “I am delighted with the initial results of the residents’ survey. It is tremendous that residents have recognised that we are exceeding in our delivery of services as well as providing excellent customer service.

In light of this fantastic survey we here at Lantern certainly think it is an exciting time for businesses and residents alike. Big chunks of Maidenhead will be completely rejuvenated thanks to the regeneration of Maidenhead’s town centre.

On top of this the new Crossrail Elizabeth line into London means Maidenhead will be more connected with the capital’s resources than ever before. This is why our state of the art office space at Lantern could be the perfect place for you to start your business with an ever expanding customer base and a growing local economy.