Cookham is readying itself for the 10th annual Let’s Rock the Moor music festival, which kicks off on May 19th. The retro festival is a fantastic celebration of 80s music and promises to be a great day.

The festival, just outside Maidenhead, is a day of great 80s music, which also provides a fantastic boost for local businesses. Thousands of people will flock to the festival on the 19th for an action packed day of general 80s madness. The stellar line up includes big names such as Adam Ant, Billy Ocean and Tony Hadley. You are also promised a set of throwback classics from star DJ Sara Cox with her Just Can’t Get Enough 80s performance.

Other features of the festival include a fireworks display, a food court and traders village, a charity auction and a craft ale bar.

Fantastic crowds at the music festival - LANTERN

Fantastic crowds at the music festival – LANTERN

Katie Roberts-Smith, manager of The Old Swan Uppers pub, explained how the festival provides a fantastic boost for businesses around Cookham and beyond leading up to the festival, “It’s really good for local businesses, it’s really busy and brings people to the area.

“There’s always a great atmosphere and there’s never any trouble. Its always one of our busiest days.”

Katie has worked ‘three or four’ festivals, and feels that the one-day event helps to put Cookham’s businesses on the map.

“People who don’t normally come to the area see us and then come back because they popped in before…from a business point of view it’s really great.”

Maliks restaurant, on the High Street, is also looking forward to the event as he will be at the festival giving all the punters a try of his food!

Maliks owner Malik Ahmed said, “I love festivals so it’s great for me to be there and enjoy the event…I think its good for business around Cookham, it brings a lot of new people in and many of them come back.”

Events like this are fantastic for businesses but also for the wider area of Maidenhead, so it’s very exciting for us here at Lantern to be in an area that has a constantly expanding customer base, surrounded by thriving businesses! Come at visit our fantastic space to find out why Maidenhead is the place to be.

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Let's Rock The Moor! Music Festival 2018 - LANTERN

Let’s Rock The Moor! Music Festival 2018 – LANTERN


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