Can you imagine attempting to cross the entirety of the Pacific Ocean, a total of 2,400 miles, in a rowing boat? Well that is exactly what local Maidenhead woman Cazz Lander is attempting. All of us here at Lantern are right behind you!

The incredible Great Pacific Race requires the crew to row 2,400 miles from Monterey, California to Waikiki, Hawaii across the world’s biggest ocean. But due to current and imperfect steering, the distance is closer to 3,000 miles! The gruelling challenge requires Cazz to row more than 13 hours a day to keep the 25ft boat moving.

However she will not be attempting the incredible feat by herself. She will be joined by two other crew members – Megan Hoskin, from London, and Andrea Quigley from America forming the Pacific Terrific Crew. The team are hoping to become the first ever crew of three to row across the Pacific Ocean and they will also be hoping to set a new current world record for the race.

Cazz Lander made a few comments on the challenge she will attempt in June, “We are not elite rowers, although there is solid experience amongst the crew…although we are training for this physical challenge with nothing but absolute dedication, we believe that success will rest largely on our mental strength, collective self-belief, and the ability to be comfortable in incredibly uncomfortable situations.”

The journey will take between 50 to 65 days and the boat will be packed with food and equipment.

Lantern Maidenhead are blown away by the scale of this challenge and are in huge admiration of the three girls attempting it.

All of here at Lantern are right behind you Cazz and we hope the challenge goes as smoothly as possible…all the best!

You can support the Pacific Terrific Crew at their fundraising page at

Ready to race - Ellen Hoke Photography - Lantern

Ready to race – Ellen Hoke Photography – Lantern


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