It’s no secret that office occupier requirements have changed significantly over the past two years, with landlords and tenants rethinking the space needed to best suit evolving employee needs.

Here’s our top five go-to guide for any potential occupiers looking to re-gear and review their space portfolio:


Always at number one. It’s obvious but, still remains a key consideration for employee relocation and business focus.

What to look for:

– Great connectivity; Lantern is a town centre Maidenhead. Undergoing huge regeneration with some impressive leisure and retail spaces being created. This transformation is set to be a real benefit of those living and working in the town
– Excellent transport links; flexibility to be wherever to need to be quickly. Road, rail and air all within easy reach.
– Excellent in town parking ratios. Lantern has a ratio of 1:236 of secure under croft on-site parking and off-site parking options only a short distance away

Stylish Fitted Office Space:

With demand for fully fitted space on the increase which not only saves an occupier significant amounts of capital expenditure, it also saves time – a crucial factor for many businesses looking to grow rapidly. This is also giving occupiers a degree of flexibility.

Attracting and retaining talent when the working from home culture is here to stay becomes ever more prevalent. Labour shortages mean that employers are faced with an employees’ market, forced to adopt strategies to attract staff and talent. With employees attending the office for a few days a week, employers need to think about how they adapt their premises to provide their staff with best possible space to carry on their work – safe, environmentally friendly and offering the best possible spaces for work collaboration.

What to look for:

– Fully/part fitted options to showcase the level of quality that the whole scheme has to offer– Clever, innovative floor plates busting with light provide the ultimate work space.
– Cat A+ fit out provided
– Plug and play, super-fast broadband for instant connectivity

High ESG credentials:

Continues to be important as the demand increases for smarter, greener and better spaces. Our sustainable solutions maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in our building.

What to look for:
– BREEAM: Very Good or better
– VRF Air Conditioning
– LED daylight lighting sensors
– Plenty of natural light
– Office Culture: benefits like showers, covered cycle storage/repairs stations, ventilated lockers as well as nearby amenity and green spaces/riverside

Best in class Office stock

Best in class Grade A stock is at more of a premium than ever. With a growing demand for office space, and less new stock being built, Lantern remains the only new grade A stock in Maidenhead. A brand-new building, in an enviable location with access to a large talent pool, bringing with it all that you would expect from modern technology and unique design, providing an inspiring space to own your own.

What to look for:

– Low running costs
– High quality durable furniture and fitout
– Attractive finishes with increased biophilia
– Natural Light

Lease Flexibility

As the world adapts to the post pandemic work dynamics, occupiers will continue to drive the market and where Landlords can offer flexibility they will see the most positive outcomes. Companies cannot predict the future and want to try and protect their long term interests from expansion/contraction and wider factors such as potential future pandemics. The serviced office sector has evolved rapidly in the last 5 years and its important Landlord adapt accordingly in order to compete effectively.

What to look for:

– Expansion rights in leases
– Regular Landlord/tenant Interaction to assess needs and wants
– Short form leases more akin to serviced office contracts
– All-inclusive/managed agreements between Landlord and Tenants