Why having excellent connectivity matters.

Location, location, location. That’s what property is all about. Connections to trains, planes and roads; Maidenhead has it all.

A town centre with a vibrant high street, and a mainline train station providing direct links to London Paddington in 34 minutes. This will further improve in 2021 with the arrival of the Elizabeth Line, with Maidenhead now featuring on the TFL underground map, and direct links to Bond Street and Canary Wharf.

Furthermore, you can reach Reading in 15 minutes by train and Heathrow airport in 20 minutes by car. This allows companies an unparalleled reach for attracting a wider-ranging and more international talent pool. Lantern benefits from all these connections via a short 5 minute walk to the town centre.

As the workplace evolves from a must-have to house permanent desks and large PCs, companies can now benefit from a more mobile workforce. Paramount to this is ensuring cutting edge digital infrastructure can handle the demanding needs agile working creates.

Ask a modern occupier whether they would rather have their running water cut off or their internet, and I think you can guess which tap they would rather have switched off.

At Lantern, we have partnered with Inifi, the UK’s leading Wi-Fi experts to provide a seamless opportunity for occupiers to find the best connected space in Maidenhead – both digitally and physically.

Our market leading digital infrastructure provides occupiers with the resilience speed of access to providers which the modern workforce require to work in a more agile environment. This allows companies to create a more effective and attractive space for their current and future employees.

This allows a better-connected workforce to create digital connections from day one, saving time and money waiting for lines to be laid and creating the prospect to move more quickly.

Location, location, location – it still stands, but now it’s just as important your workforce is connected to their business no matter where they are.

Source: knightfrank.co.uk