Maidenhead Waterways Project At The Heart Of Regeneration

The Maidenhead Waterways Project has shared an update on it's progress in a video and explains why the revival of the river is key to the current regeneration of Maidenhead. Planning for the project was granted in 2012 with the support of Prime Minister and Maidenhead MP Theresa May and since then, the Maidenhead Waterways [...]

Maidenhead Waterways Project At The Heart Of Regeneration2018-04-12T17:23:50+00:00

Theresa May Backs Maidenhead Redevelopment

Prime Minister Theresa May visited the Landing exhibition in Maidenhead to show her support of the redevelopment which will bring 500 new homes to the area, as well as office and retail space. After visiting she stated she believes that the redevelopment of Maidenhead could finally get off the ground, adding that Britain have the [...]

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